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The solution in Smithfield for all-purpose plastic moulding

Our products don't bend but we'll bend over backwards for you.

Our clients rely on us for long-lasting and functional products that last and with good reason. We have a reputation for going that extra mile to produce customised plastic moulding and fabrications to suit a variety of commercial and industrial functions. All you have to do is give us the specifications for what you need and we'll do the rest. For stress-free plastic production in Sydney come to us first. For Emergencies, you call us at 0433 433 000.


Whether for temporary or long-term use we offer a range of Eco-friendly and functional plastic products perfect for your commercial needs in Sydney. We have products that can handle any weather conditions and withstand harsh treatment. Our products can be customised to your needs and include DVD and CD racks, packaging materials, industrial plastics and more. You can rest assured knowing that all of our products are safety approved.


As a company that has worked with a number of industrial clients we understand the needs and concerns that come up on the worksite. That is why we produce plastic products that can handle any condition and can be relied upon for a variety of functions. From lightweight and flexible items for basic use to industrial-strength products, we have the custom made options to keep your project safe and on track. We can create storage tanks, custom acrylic letters, machine covers and more all at affordable prices.

Fabrications and custom products

In addition to our commercial and industrial clients we can also cater to designers and manufacturers in Smithfield who require plastic moulding and fabrications. No matter how large the requirement or bold the design we never shrink from a challenge and will work hands-on with you to create products that can handle your demands. Rest assured your products will last as we work with only the finest materials including solid plastics, polycarbonate and PVC.

Plastic moulding of commercial, industrial and custom products in Smithfield
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